The ultimate platform for Salesforce forms, portals, applications

and document generation

You'll find nothing like it - Smart, Powerful, Flexible, Affordable.

  • Seamless conectivity in real-time
  • Bi directional integration with Salesforce: Get & Push
  • Read from and Writing to any object, custom or standard
  • Supports complex use cases, offers Full customization
  • Advanced Conditional logic for dynamic forms
  • Payment integration and 3rd party integrations
  • Flexible design, 50+ field types, responsive
  • Simple drag & drop with zero coding
  • Document generation directly from Salesforce
  • Electronic & Digital signatures

Powerful platform for Salesforce

Read data from multiple objects in Salesforce – in real time.
Update records, create, find,  upsert and delete records in Salesforce on the fly.
Stay synced at all times and streamline complex processes swiftly with zero coding.


Facebook Lead gen sync

Sync your leads from Facebook to external data sources.

Leads connector

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E-Signatures and Digital Signatures

Secured contracts integrated with your CRM


Document Generation

Generate documents based on form inputs and Salesforce data. Trigger document generation based on form submission,  Salesforce workflow or a mere click on the FormTitan Generate button in Salesforce.


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