About US

Our Mission

Our Mission is to respond to the growing need and demand for high quality digital web forms,
and to the time consuming and costly process of creating them.
We strive to do so with our form creator tool, which was designed to be flexible and user friendly as well as innovative.

We believe in providing our clients not only with the best tools, but also with the best service.
Our product is, after all, tailored for them.
We aspire to become a globally recognized provider of web database and form processing tools.

The people behind:

Benny Tsabba, Founder.
Benny is a long distance runner, an iron man, triathelete and a pet lover.
Long mileage is related not only to his sport…yes… he’s got over 10 years of experience in the the SW industry. He has worked for well known companies and startups, but most of all he likes to be his own boss.

Benny started formlogix in May 2005. He created some email tools and was not pleased with the results…because they looked like the other tools already existing on the market.

In Benny’s world compromise simply does not exist. He is highly professional, and expects all that work with him to show the same degree of professionalism..
And so he started on his way, with the thought of creating something different, something unique, But he could not make it all happen alone.

Amy Weinberg, Graphic Designer.
Amy is a web & graphic artist. Painting, sculpting, and a love of the arts have always been a big part of her soul.

Amy has been working as a freelance web designer and graphic artist when Benny was still developing his ideas. The link between the two made a new aspect of the project come to life: the visual.