Form Maker

Form maker/generator tool for web forms, email forms and web databases.

Main Features

  • WYSIWYG online form builder tool
  • Easy to use
  • No knowledge required in programming
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Link forms technology (c)
  • Data validation
  • Database storage
  • Email per data entry
  • Repeatable fields & sections
  • Share your Can easily be incorporated into existing web application or site online form generator​
  • A wide range of data entry controls and html elements
  • Browsers compatibility
  • Embed your form into your websites
  • Google Gadgets
  • Share your forms' data
  • Public and Secured access to forms and reports create web form
  • Export data
  • Create web forms
  • Web based applications Form Maker
  • Professional data analysis tool Form creator
  • Survey tool
  • Create web databases
  • Customize the look and feel of your html web form
  • Link your forms within other forms form generator, form maker
  • Free of charge
  • Share your web forms and web pages
  • Share your data
  • From a simple online contact form to a complete web forms system
  • AJAX based
  • Multi-lingual, RTL Supportdata

Is it really free ?

Yes, once you register to FormLogix you may use the form builder free of charge. You may create as many forms as you like, collect as much data as you like and use all features (except for the post submit url). The data management tool will allow you to manage your data freely for 30 days, after which you will only be allowed to view and export. In addition, FormLogix offers the use of its form widgets, ready-made form components, free of charge as well.

What can i use it for ?


Contact us forms, Feedback forms, Events registration forms, Surveys, Online Polls, Employee satisfaction forms, Order forms, Invitations, Bugs track, Mailing list, Media collection (movies, music) etc.

These are only a few examples of the endless range of web forms and web databases you can
create using our form maker tool.

Who can use it ?

Whether you are a senior web developer or just a web site owner, the FormLogix platform can simplify your work and reduce your costs. Our tool is designed especially for those who have no programming skills whatsoever – all you need to do is Drag & Drop. If you need a web database, form builder, web forms, email forms, html forms, polls or just a simple web form this is the place for you!.

What is FormLogix doing with my data ?

  •  Nothing. We are not selling your data, and we are not collecting emails.
  •  Our users are not obligated whatsoever to continue using our service.
  •  On any given moment you can choose to export your data and cancel your account.
  •  You are the only owner of your data, no catch, no hidden games.
  •  Learn more about the free trial version and about how to upgrade your free form builder account.

How does it work ?

Form Maker / Form Generator

  1.  Creating a form is the first step using our system.
  2.  The form maker tool is a user friendly web form designer, which does not require any graphic or technical skills whatsoever.
  3.  Using the form maker tool, one can create, design, edit and delete forms.

Web Database

  •  Once data is collected through the web form, you can view it using a web based interface.
  •  The information viewed can be sorted and sliced for maximum comfort.
  •  You will also be able to create, edit, and delete data.
  •  Whenever there is a new data entry, you will be advised via e-mail (AKA Email form), and will thus be kept up-to-date.

Analyze your data

A highly sophisticated query builder will assist you in filtering your data, and creating charts based on it.